About First Impressions Molds

We are Teri and Adrienne, the founders of First Impressions Molds. After being neighborhood acquaintances for years, it was only by chance that we realized that we were best friends.

As stay-at-home moms with an entrepreneurial spirit, we decided to try to find a way to help our families by starting a business together. Teri had taken many cake decorating classes and become a skillful decorator, and it was this experience and enthusiasm for cake decorating that inspired our new venture. She knew that there were very few quality silicone molds available at the time and that the jobs of decorators were unnecessarily frustrating, costly and time consuming.

We saw an opportunity to improve the experience of professional and aspiring cake decorators everywhere. We were determined to follow our passions and build a successful business. Over the next year, we spent countless hours researching how to make the ideal molds. Nights were spent brainstorming and experimenting with different ideas and trying different mediums. We lost count of the number of ridiculous disasters we had, but the “Ah-Ha!” breakthrough moments were well worth it. It was these moments that led to our trademarked process for creating the highest quality, most beautiful and most time-efficient cake decorating molds. Throughout the process, we laughed until our faces ached, and we tried not to be discouraged by our failures.

Those long days and nights over a decade ago became the foundation for First Impressions Molds. We take pride in knowing the results of our efforts have helped and inspired thousands of cake decorating enthusiasts like ourselves, all over the world. Our commitment to bringing our fresh, original ideas and designs to life doesn't stop with molds.