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FIM Tutorials

Handmade Sugar Cubes Tutorial

Handmade Sugar Cubes Tutorial 0

Boring square white sugar cubes? Not anymore with this fun tutorial showing you how to create detailed sugar cubes using our silicone molds. A fun crafty way to add a unique touch to your table and wow your guests. Offer them a bowl of colorful sugar cubes in a theme along with coffee and watch the reactions! It’s fun!

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  • Tags: Sugar Cubes
Handmade Soaps Tutorial

Handmade Soaps Tutorial 0

Our handmade soap tutorial will inspire you to create gorgeous bars of soap embellished with almost any design you can imagine. We have close to 1000 designs to choose from, so let your imagination run wild and wow your family and friends!

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  • Tags: Soap
Kids Soap Tutorial

Kids Soap Tutorial 0

Kids will love this fun supervised craft project. Making their own soap encourages hand washing and makes bath time even more fun!
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  • Tags: Soap
Easter Sugar Basket Tutorial

Easter Sugar Basket Tutorial 0

Create a fun edible Easter Basket using gum paste and adorable chocolate pieces to rest inside using our easy to use silicone molds!
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  • Tags: Easter